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Form Lift
Form Lift Front
Form Lift Back
Form Lift Chain

Heavy Duty forklift chain with large roller bearings. 1.75" diameter hard chrome plated piston rod.

Form Lift Remote Control

Tethered remote control switch, 120 volt plug-in for battery charger, viewing port in side of enclosure shows charging status.

Form Lift Aluminum Frame

Heavy duty welded aluminum solid frame. Solid steel zinc dichromate wheels, solid axle with grease zerks for heavy duty roller wheel bearings.

Form Lift Operation

Controls are conveniently located for the operator, including a remote control switch, allowing unit to be raised and lowered at a safe distance.

Charger is self contained and connects to any 120 volt outlet.

Weight Capacity:
Lifting: 2000 lbs.
Holding: 8000 lbs.

Lifting Height: 72.0 inches
Lift Speed (no load): 100 IPM

Power Supply: 12 Volt Rechargeable Gel Battery


Form Lift Dimensions

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Form Lift
Form Lift
Form Lift
Form Lift
Form Lift



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