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Automation Plus

In addition to providing high quality automation systems and material handling products, Automation Plus also provides other specialized engineering and manufacturing services:


  • Reverse Engineering – Have a part but need another, don’t have drawings, no problem! We can produce quality parts and/or drawings from your existing parts.
  • Solid Modeling – We can produce solid models from your parts or from existing 2-D drawings. Modeling in Solidworks and Pro-Engineer is available.
  • Animation – Want to see your assembly in motion before you build it. Using the latest software we can take your Solidworks database and create an animation sequence. Perfect for checking interferences, machine operation, and extremely valuable as a sales tool.


  • Prototyping – Need a prototype or proof-of-concept before going into production. Need it Now? No problem! Automation Plus can build machined parts or complete assemblies to your specification or we can take your idea to a design, prototype, or complete system.
  • Emergency Machining and Repair – Need a part yesterday? With our full service machine shop and extensive material inventory, odds are we can have you back up and running within 24 hours.
  • Contract assembly and sub-assembly – Let our experience in assembling components and sub-assemblies for our own products work for you. We can machine your parts, integrate purchased components, test and ship you completed sub-assemblies. We do most everything in-house so you only deal with one vendor!

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