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1400-1600 Series Carts / Best Long-Term Value

1400-1600 series Carts feature an ergonomic conyrol handle for travel and feed discharge functions. Travel direction and speed selection controls are located within easy reach just below.

This flip-down panel gives you quick and easy access to the electrical system and discharge drive for easy maintenance.

1400-1600 series CSF Carts feature hard wired electrical system employing heavy-duty starter solenoids.

Recommended standard marine, 12 volt deep cycle batteries are housed in this convenient roll-out tray. Low to medium speed Carts require two batteries. High speed Carts use three batteries.

Common Features

The wide discharge door insures quick and even feeding. Your feed stays in the Cart until you activate the discharge conveyor. You won't find potentially dangerous augers, beaters, or complex cross conveyors here. You'll never have to deal with gas engines that fail to start in a cold feed room, or sluggish, leaky hydrualics. These common maintenance headaches are avoided.

Direct drive to the fron steering wheel means no belts, pulleys or clutches to maintain or replace. Notice the solid, puncture-proof tires. You're able to maneuver with a simple twist of your wrist. CSF puts the power directly on the steering wheel for instant and positive response. Our dependable high torque motor, coupled with the high reduction worm gear drive, delivers power where and when you need it.

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